Public Engagement

Public & Keynote Lectures

May 2022: Keynote Lecture, International Conference of the Research Group on Late Medieval Economic History, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Jan. 2022: Keynote Lecture, Souq Economics Conference, Dubai, UAE

Nov. 2021:  Prais Lecture, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, London

Nov. 2019:  Public Lecture, ACUH Seminar, Amsterdam Centre for Urban History, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oct. 2019:  Thought Experiment Lecture, Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, London, UK

Sep. 2019:  Keynote Lecture, WINIR Annual Conference, Lund, Sweden

May 2019:  Keynote Lecture, Posthumus Institute Annual Conference, Ghent, Netherlands

May 2019:  Public Lecture, Centre for the Study of Governance and Society, King’s College, London, UK

Apr. 2019:  Keynote Lecture, CEPR Conference, “Accounting for the Wealth of Nations: History and Theory”, Odense, Denmark

Mar. 2019:  Public Lecture, CAGE Research Centre, Department of Economics, University of Warwick, UK

Jan. 2019:  Public Lecture, Max-Planck-Institute for Legal History, Frankfurt, Germany

Sep. 2017Keynote Lecture, Conference on the Making of Commercial Law, Helsinki, Finland

Jul. 2017:  Keynote Lecture, CAGE Summer School in Economic History Conference, Department of Economics, University of Warwick

May 2017Keynote Lecture, Eastern European Economic History Conference, Bucharest, Romania

Dec. 2016:  Sixteenth Figuerola Annual Lecture in Economic History, Madrid, Spain

Jan. 2013:  “Un Livre, Un Lecteur” Lecture, University of Paris-1 Sorbonne, Paris, France

Sep. 2012:  Public Keynote Lecture, Conference on  “Revolution des Fleißes – Leben und Wirtschaften im ländlichen Württemberg (1650-1800)”, Stuttgart, Germany

Mar. 2009:  Annual Lecture of the British, Czech, and Slovak Forum, Czech Embassy, London

Apr. 2006:  Tawney Lecture, Economic History Society Annual Conference, UK

Videos, Podcasts, Interviews

2021. The Best Books on the Industrial Revolution, Five Books, with Ben King, 2 Jun. 2021.

2019. Video Interview, Thought Experiment Lecture, HM Treasury, 18 Oct. 2019.

2019.  “The European Guilds: A Lecture”, Video, Centre for the Study of Governance and Society, King’s College London, 9 May 2019.

2019. Tides of History Podcast with Patrick Wyman, 20 Aug. 2019.

2019. The Governance Podcast, ‘The Dark Side of Human Institutions: A Conversation’, with Mark Penningon, 9 May 2019.

2019. New Books Network Podcast, with Mark Klobas, 8 Mar. 2019.

2018. BBC Radio 4 Episode 5 of Conflict and Co-operation, 5 Jan. 2018, ‘Consumer Protectors or Greedy Monopolists?”’, interview with Paul Seabright.

2013. British Academy Wolfson Professorship Lecture, 13 Dec. 2013, “Human Capital and Economic Outcomes in a European Developing Economy”.

2012. National Public Radio Episode, 27 Mar. 2012, “What a 16th Century Guild Teaches Us About Competition”, Planet Money interview with Adam Davidson.

2012. BBC History Magazine Podcast, 12 Jan. 2012, Sheilagh Ogilvie discusses consumption regulations in early modern Germany.

2011. “Was macht die Kunst, Sheilagh Ogilvie?” [“What Does Art Do, Sheilagh Ogilvie?”] Monopol: Magazin für Kunst und Leben – An Interview with Sheilagh Ogilvie – September 2011

2011. “Auingen als Forschungsobjekt” [“Auingen Subjected to Academic Research”] “In a research project that has received a lot of attention, a team from the University of Cambridge is currently investigating the consumption history of this Alb community” Südwest Presse 27 August 2011.

2011. “Woher kommt das Wirtschaftswachstum?” [“Where Does Economic Growth Come From?”] Handelsblatt Article, 30 June 2011.

2011. The Evolution of Keeping Up With the Joneses, as Seen in 17th Century German VillagesTime Magazine Article, 8 June 2011

2011. Empty trash. Buy milk. Forge history.” Boston Globe Article 6th June 2011

2011. BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Interview, 24 May 2011, Interview with Sheilagh Ogilvie on consumption and regulation of women’s activities in early modern Germany (starts at minute 33).

2011.300 Years of List-Making”, A ‘University Research Feature’ article, 20 May 2011